Raghuram Kuchibhatla

FOUnder & ceo - yes!poho

Raghuram Kuchibhatla, Founder and CEO of Yes!poho, launched the brand in 2017 with the idea to improve the shopping experiences and provide satisfaction to the customers. Raghuram intends to improve the livelihood and social-economic conditions of the craftsman, the dying culture of handloom and handicraft artisans. At the same time, he aims to offer his customers the best experiences in terms of unlimited sources, product availability, and convenience to all customers across India and in the world. 

Raghuram pursued his Masters in Electrical and Computer Science from Lamar University, Texas & Accounting, and Finance from Pace University, New York. He also acquired his technical Certification in Microsoft certified solution developer, and is also a project management professional PMI. Raghu always believes that working in several companies and start-ups at an early age in his life, has surely boosted his skill and knowledge. 

During his trip in 2015, he happened to travel across south Indian visiting several artisan villages, where he noticed a common problem in weaver communities despite all the government programs, the retail store, and 1000’s of e-commerce companies. Poor wages, absurd technology, poor infrastructure, and the communal disharmony were the major issues. After his unpleasant buying experience of a saree because of multiple stores visit, inconsistent pricing and no-return policies, he thought of a business idea, of offering a fresh perspective in Yes!poho, a TechnoExperience company that will provide the social platform for direct engagement with weavers and customers. 

Raghuram envisions to onboard all Indian artisans in respect of handloom or handicraft. He wants to connect them directly to the market and intends to improve their social-economic condition, livelihood by 30-40% in the next five years. He has set a target for achieving 10 million app downloads of Yes!poho within a year.

Along with his business, Raghuram manages to take out time to read business biographies, autobiographies and watch old Tamil & Telugu movies. He is also involved in a few social activities like women’s upliftment programs, protection of animals, and he also donates to an orphaned home.

Spanning my career, I have developed multiple global credit risk teams from scratch. Leveraging a firm understanding of the global regulatory landscape, I ensure that internal credit risk processes are compliant with internal policies, as well as external laws and regulations. As a trusted business advisor, I consistently ensure appropriate risk decisions are made relative to my firm’s risk appetite.

On a management level, I believe in following a servant leadership approach. I set high expectations and goals for my team, while simultaneously providing the knowledge and frameworks needed to succeed. Leveraging strong skills in communication and persuasion, I am known for bridging the gap between disparate stakeholders to create alignment around a common mission and vision.