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10 Magical Ways to Stop Yourself from Overthinking in 2022

Are you overthinking everything? Does it take longer for you to make decisions or rethink the ones you have already...
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Personality Traits of a Lady Leo

Extremely passionate, confident, theatrical, and a fighter in life, a Leo woman is a go-to person out of all other...
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Indians Prefer Experiential And Exploratory Style: An Inside Edge

Westernisation and the introduction to various other technological progressions and advancements have transformed the world we live in. It has...
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Controlling Personal Debt Through Minimalism

Turning into a minimalistic may sound overwhelming, however, it doesn't mean you need to discard everything and live in a...
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How Delayed Gratification Can Improve Our Lives

We all want everything quick- Be it food, stuff, information or entertainment. And there are so many services out there...
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Grow Your Own Mini Vegetation

If you live in a major city, odds are that your home is more modest than what you might want...
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Top 6 Reasons Behind Toxicity in a Relationship

"People often fall in love with their eyes closed", a famous saying by Pop artist Andy Warhol. It refers to...
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Starter Guide for a Digital Nomad

You want to figure from where you would like and once you want. You would like to ascertain the planet...
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Making of a Great First-time Team Leader

"I was living in a fool's paradise," exclaimed one of the vice presidents after coming out from a meeting to...
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What does it take to be successful in the Corporate World?

What does it take to be successful in the corporate world? This question often comes up in your mind whether...
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I really like how Anurag hosts The Socially Desi Show. It has the right amount of information while being very entertaining.

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The Socially Desi Show is such an amazing show. I really like the way you experiment and bring out the best in your guest. Loved to be on Socially Desi

Upasna Comeback Minimalist

Socially Desi is a show that brings practical career choices, true inspirational stories and tips to tackle social issues. If you are looking for a light conversation around the topics that matter the most in today's world, you must listen to this show.

Meetzz Failure To Success

This is one of the best Podcasts, where one can get lot of insights about every aspect of life. One can get lot of takeaways from the guests on the show who are from different walks of life

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