Shreya Ekka

shreya ekka

Guest Author

Hi it's Shreya Ekka, I'm Kolkata born but from Ranchi, Jharkhand, brought up in Delhi and Shillong. Being a military brat I've travelled a lot of places.

Shifting places time to time made me fall in love with travelling and exploring different cultures and food.. I love photography, reading, music, art and dance.

Did my graduation in Zoology from St. Xavier's College, Ranchi. And I'm done with my master's degrees in International Studies from Symbiosis, Pune.

Writing is one of my therapy which helps to reduce my stress. It became a part of my life since i got my first diary from my dad when I was in class 5th..i used to write down my daily entry..As i started growing up my daily entry turned into a emotion sharing partner..whenever I was feeling low, extremely happy, overthinking or stressing I used to write it down all into my dear diary.

I had a phase when went through a depression episode and during that time I didn't want to interact with anyone, writing down my emotions was one of the therapy that helped me recover..I feel I articulate my emotions much better by writing than talking in person.

Writing down everything gave me an inspiration to develop a keen interest in writing about daily lifestyle..I'm still learning to grow more each day.