Personality Traits of a Lady Leo

Personality Traits of a Lady Leo

Extremely passionate, confident, theatrical, and a fighter in life, a Leo woman is a go-to person out of all other zodiac signs. The queen of the jungle, the lioness emanates an amazing combination of beauty and power making heads turn when she walks into any gathering. Stealing the limelight is her forte and the very fact she is known for. It is not hard to spot a lioness in a crowd for her aura is so captivating that it is next to impossible to not catch sight of her. Let’s take a glimpse into the personality traits of a Lady Leo.

The royal and the loyal lioness

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Born between July 23 to August 22, you certainly don’t want to mess with her. The fire within the Leo woman makes people perceive her as intimidating, yet she stands up for what she truly believes in. A big-time attention seeker and the centre of attraction at the same time, the lady boss is never short of male attention. Nevertheless, her glory lies in her loyalty which she wears like a heart on her sleeve.

Behavioral instincts of a lady Leo

On the flip side, the stubborn nature of a Leo woman trying to have things her way often results in conflict with the opposite sex and might be perceived as domineering. However, her straight from the shoulder attitude and transparent communication with her partner comes in handy during any relationship crisis. A Leo woman simply loves to be pampered and get showered with compliments almost every day and every time!!

Shines bright like a diamond

The lioness is a combination of intelligence, strength, and talent who desires to make it big in life. For this very reason, any attempt to stop her from pursuing her dreams can backfire just like an ignition. As the song by Alan Walker goes “One touch and I ignite.” The lady boss is almost a synonym for a diamond, unbreakable, polished, and glowing with beauty.

Think twice before saying a NO to her

A Leo woman has a strict aversion to negation and saying a NO to her is like putting your hand in a lion’s mouth. When it comes to her, there is no escaping from her wrath of mood swings and emotional imbalances. An audacious and fearless personality, she exactly knows her way out of any awkward situation she might come across.

Viewing the lady Leo through different lenses

From a girlfriend to a wife to a mom and finally a lady boss, she carries herself in the most meticulous manner, the same way she confidently struts her new outfit. However, on the inner side, she still possesses the heart of a Leo cub sometimes reflecting an overly sensitive behavior.

Her smile and hair is the best accessory she wears

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A Leo woman, best known for her hair, skin, and smile coupled with a golden and red tinge attire is in proximity to perfection and enthralls almost everyone close to her. Eyes on the prize, feet on the ground, high on sarcasm and heart on fire, she is someone you go to war beside, not against. A Leo’s motto lies in staying bright, sunny, and positive just like a sunflower!

Hear her roar!

Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa are the Leo ladies of the time, regularly switching up their look dramatically and altering the fashion landscape along the way. On the Bollywood side, Kajol, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sunidhi Chauhan are the evergreen Leos flaunting their charm and authenticity effortlessly in the industry.

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Personality Traits of a Lady Leo

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