Top 6 Reasons Behind Toxicity in a Relationship

The reasons behind Toxicity in a Relationship

“People often fall in love with their eyes closed”, a famous saying by Pop artist Andy Warhol.

It refers to the magic people feel when they start to mean something to one another. It sounds ideal and spectacular. 

People come in a relationship to feel happy, loved, and secure. They tend to enjoy the little attention and care they receive from their partner that makes them feel pampered and soothing.

A healthy relationship is a beautiful dream world where everything just works smoothly. It is not like there aren’t misunderstandings or arguments but, at the same time, it just goes away the moment you blink. It is like a swift flow of water through the clear streams.

But not every dream is perfect and beautiful. There are also a few dreams which are like a nightmare that will leave you with chills and pain. They are the negative factors of a relationship that do not tend to get over but rather make you over with it. It is the toxicity of the relationship that makes you feel drained out of emotions.

Not every person you fall for needs to be the right choice? Or maybe the person you’re into doesn’t share the same kind of feelings with you? These are the times when you start to put in efforts to make things work, but you fail because your partner tends to pull themself back by not seeing your efforts. They begin to question your every little effort. They tend to make you feel even more miserable and helpless.

These are the situations where you should start to question your choice because a healthy relationship is one where even a small effort by you or your partner is quite precious and valued.

A relationship that makes you feel like being in a rom-com is the kind of relationship which every individual wants. But, when the total opposite starts to happen, you feel disheartened and disappointed. 

A toxic relationship is a kind of relationship where you start to feel lonely and unhappy. It’s like you never knew the person you are with currently. It is where everything is one-sided. From love to every little effort of making things work between the two yet everything is unrequited.

Your partner tends to drain you out of emotions and starts to make you feel like you are a helpless and hopeless individual. 

To avoid such circumstances here are the Top 6 Reasons Behind Toxicity in a Relationship that will help you realize that you are getting into a toxic relationship.


6 Reasons Behind Toxicity in a Relationship

Timing plays an important factor in relationships that either makes it or breaks it. If your partner keeps on telling you, they need time to get over their past relationship or every activity which you both do together makes them think about their exes. That’s when you understand your partner is still not over their previous commitments and are not ready to be with you.

They keep nagging you with their memories of their ex, which at some point will make you feel that you are not good enough for them. The moment you start getting these thoughts, talk to your partner about it. If not, it will end you up being their acting counselor. 

Lies About Everything

Lies about everything

Initially, when you enter into a relationship, it is evident for your partner to hide a few things that might make them feel uncomfortable or insecure about themselves. And it is acceptable because slowly and steadily things will work out between the two of you.

But when you find out that your partner keeps lying about everything and doesn’t share anything with you, that’s when the problem of trust issues arises. It is said that every relationship should be built on the foundation of truth no matter how harsh that could be. But when you find out that your partner keeps hiding things and facts from you, it starts to bother you and makes you feel insecure about the relationship.

That’s when you step forward and sit with your partner to discuss what kind of issues they have that makes them lie to you. 

Monitors You

Monitors you
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Where there is trust, there is no need of keeping a check on your partner. When your partner keeps checking your phone history and WhatsApp messages, it clearly shows the sign of trust issues.

If any such situation arises and your partner keeps nagging for not sharing your phone or social media details, then make sure you talk to your partner about why they are facing such trust issues with you. And if they fail to give you any relevant or convincing answer simply understand that it is a sign of toxicity.

Isolates You

Isolates you

Your partner will make sure that all your close friends and relatives are left behind you the moment you enter the relationship. The reason behind this action will only be that your partner doesn’t want you to be in contact with anyone else because they will help you whenever your partner creates trouble for you.

To avoid interference of people in your relationship, your partner will make sure that every precious little person from your life distances themselves from you.

No Secure Future Thoughts 

No secure future thoughts

As relationships start unwinding people, you’re getting to know each other and at some point, you’ll talk about the future. “Usually after a couple of months, there’s talk of exclusivity.” But in a toxic relationship, that talk may never come or the Big Talk (of marriage) is never coming up.

Oftentimes in toxic relationships, you don’t know where you stand with your partner. They’re hot one day and cold the next.

Excuses You Make For Their Unavailability

Excuses you make for their unavailability

If you are always trying to rationalize your partner’s actions—whether it is their emotional unavailability, lack of empathy, the habit of being obnoxious to your friends, or lack of support—that’s a problem. 

Everyone has their ups and downs be it in work or maybe in maintaining a balance in their life. if your partner isn’t available at this time to support you or to listen to your concerns, my question to you is why are even there with them.


Relationships where everything is one-sided and even those efforts are not being appreciated then what’s the use of being into one

The longer you stay in a toxic relationship, the harder it will become for you to overcome it. The sooner you realize that things are getting difficult and your partner doesn’t seem to be concerned about it, it would be better for you to just walk away.

Start a new, healthy relationship with someone who deserves you. You need to understand one thing while you are in a relationship that you matter and so does your partner, there’s no just one priority, you both are the priority here. 

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