Budget-Friendly Gifting Ideas For Your Brother


The bond between siblings is extraordinary and is given importance around the world. However, when it comes to India, we go one step ahead to celebrate this sacred relation of a brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan- a festival to celebrate the eternal bond of love, care, and duty between brother and sisters is just around the corner. 

With its onset, you might be searching for perfect gifts for your brother. Make this occasion way beyond than tying a thread around your brother’s wrist. Since our bothers have been our ride and die since childhood, it wouldn’t do any harm to surprise them once a while.

Let’s be honest- who doesn’t love receiving gifts? It can be something as simple as a handwritten letter or an expensive Chanel perfume, we love ourselves all kinds of gifts. Strengthen your bond and pamper your brother by treating him with gifts he deserves. 

But what if you are one of those people who break into a sweat when it comes to gifting? Does the idea of holidays or festivals approaching near frighten you? Do you find it difficult to keep a track of all your near and distant family, friends, colleagues? Their likes and dislikes? Then welcome to the club, you’re not alone. 

The idea of receiving gifts can simply make you all happy and wonderful. On the other hand, giving gifts and hoping that the person likes it can make you equally tense and edgy. 

When you’re tight on budget, it gets more and more difficult to find something which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket but is also suitable or appropriate for gifting.

Worry not, I will be curating a list of 5 gifting ideas for your brother which are budget-friendly, unique, and personalized. So, shower all your love on your sibling and wait for that priceless reaction. 

Everything I will be mentioning in this article is from a price range of 50 INR- 150 INR. It couldn’t get better than that. So, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks, it’s time to get him that present, the present that he will show him all your love, care and will give him something to cherish throughout life. 

Ceramic Mugs

Budget-friendly gift ideas for brother

When in doubt, go for the mugs. While gifting a mug can sound so cliché but certainly, there are many ways to spice things up. A mug can do so much and most importantly it fulfills the primary purpose of drinking. So, I don’t see any problem there.

To personalize your mug and making it one heck of a gift all you need to do is-

  • Write a simple and sweet handwritten note. 
  • Make it as personal as you can. 
  • Keep it inside that and just wait for your brother’s surprise reaction. 

There are so many things which you can do to make it more interesting. From writing short notes on reasons why you love him, or short notes of your favorite memories together or anything which you’d like to convey to him. Just write it down on little chits and put it inside that mug. 

And if you’re not much into writing you can fill that mug with his favorite chocolates, sweets, and all kinds of confectionaries he likes and his sweet-tooth will thank you forever. It’s on the inside what counts, so make it worth and introduce all sorts of creativity into it. 


Men’s Fragrances


Everyone loves themselves a nice fragrance. With so many options, you might ask yourself why a perfume or deodorant or any fragrance? A nice deodorant or perfume can do so much in elevating your moods and spirits and is counted as essential.  

It is one of the most special gifts because every time he wears it, it will remind him of you. What more do you want? There are unlimited options available in the market or even online. You can select one which fits your budget. Any kind of fragrance will be appreciated- deodorant, perfume, cologne, anything!!!



Affordable gifting ideas for brother

A wallet is one of the essential items that men carry with them whenever they go outside. This is the reason why it is a thoughtful and at the same time a very useful gift.

If your brother believes more on the practicality side of the gift, then giving him a new trendy wallet should be your go-to option. Coming in all shapes and sizes, this one will act as a symbol of all wealth, prosperity and success you wish for him. REMINDER- Don’t forget to add some money in the wallet as a good token since many people consider gifting an empty wallet a bad omen. 


Gift Hamper Of All The Eatables/ Self-Prepared Meal

rakhi gifts for brother

Never underestimate the power of good snacks. If your brother is a big-time foodie, then it will the best option for you. Everyone loves snacking and munching on their favorite snacks. If you can bring that kind of happiness to their lives, go ahead with it.

  • Collect all kinds of snacks you can under your budget. The more, the merrier. 
  • Anything from chocolates to wafers to their favorite cookies, drinks, or anything they enjoy savoring.
  • Put them together in a basket or just a simple bag.
  • Wrap it around with a ribbon and your snack box is now ready.

You can also go one step ahead, put your cooking skills, in any, to use and bake him a cake, or make him his favorite home-cooked meal. Simple yet effective. 

I am sure that this will make him all grateful and appreciative to have a sibling-like you. There are so many recipes you can find online and on YouTube which will make your work a tad bit easier. 

Handmade Things Are Always In

gifting ideas for brother this rakhi

At the end of the day, of you still haven’t thought of anything it’s best to go with a handmade gift of your choice. It is truly one of the most emotional things you can give to someone. 

Also, the possibilities are endless. Either you can go for a simple heartfelt letter, his portrait, a handmade card, or you can simply unleash all your creativity and come up with something on your own.

There are countless ideas and inspirations on Pinterest and Instagram which you can use for your reference. Put all your colors and markers to use and come up with something sure to leave a bright smile on the face of your brother. 


I hope you find this guide useful and suitable according to the mentioned budget. Remember, any gift is a good gift and it’s the feelings behind the gift that count. Do anything that comes from your heart and your love will surely be appreciated.

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