Celebrating Pride Month 2020

Celebrating Pride Month 2020

As I was scrolling through the internet one day, I came across pictures of pride march and I was so curious as to what it is. I started looking up and it was pictures from PRIDE MONTH.

As I kept reading, I gained an interest in the PRIDE MONTH. Something clicked in my mind as to why not I write about PRIDE MONTH.

Pride refers to confidence and self-respect as expressed by the number of people, especially those whose rights have been infringed, who is not accepted by society based on their gender.

Every year in June the Global Pride Month is carried out. In some places, it is celebrated in June, but in some places, such as The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Australia, it usually starts in February.

It’s credited to Brenda Howard, a bisexual New York activist also called “Mother of Pride” organized the primary pride parade to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising Pride month is an opportunity to protest peacefully and show that the society should accept them.

Pride month is a tribute to all LGBTQIA community people who were involved in Stonewall Riots which took place in 1969. Stonewall Inn was a gay club and during the riots, a black, trans, and bisexual woman was involved who continued the movement for six days.

The LGBTQIA Community didn’t want to live a life of misery, they didn’t want to be debarred from entering any place so that is why in the memory of that incident they carried out a pride march.

Pride march involves walking from one destination to a particular destination, carrying the LGBTQIA flag, also doing some fun activities during the march. Sometimes people also carry that march with banners in their hands and shouting out for their rights.

This pride march is not only restricted to lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, queers, intersex, and asexual. Anyone can participate in this. These are just ways to support the LGBTQIA Community.

Commonly there are monthlong festivals and in-person social occasions that take place all over the world, including pride marches, walks, parties, shows, workshops, etc.

For pride groups, there is a rainbow flag that denotes various colors

  1. Red is for Life
  2. Orange for Healing
  3. Yellow for Sunshine
  4. Green for Nature
  5. Blue for Harmony, and
  6. Purple for Spirit

The rainbow flag was made in 1978 by craftsman, originator Vietnam war veteran, and later on a drag entertainer Gilbert Baker. He was authorized to make a flag by another gay icon government official Harvey Milk for San Fransico’s yearly pride march.

Celebrating Pride Month 2020

Due to amid coronavirus nothing can’t be done so the pride marches are not taking place this year, but of course, activities are being carried out online.

There are many dance parties, challenges, and workshops and shows being organized to let people celebrate this year’s pride month happily. Many countries have planned to host an online fest and concert such as DragFest 2020 and the concert is also being organized by Dublin.

DragFest is being organized through New York City Council and a drag artist Martin G Cumming. It is going to be a 3-day event where more than 1000 drag artists would give stellar performances. You can’t miss this event for sure.

The Cincinnati Black Pride is going to be a gala affair. It goes to encompass a special movie poignant as well along with documentaries with different paintings that speak approximately Black LGBTQIA experience.

So are you excited to celebrate your virtual pride month because I am !! I feel Pride Month should be every month. We don’t need to have a separate month for this.

In this Pride Month, let us all stand united, and let’s not discriminate or judge anyone based on their gender. Let’s also take a rainbow flag in our hands and let everyone be free.

Pride is something you are proud of. I always wanted to know from the LGBTQ Community about the pride month. So I asked them up “what was your experience of the Pride March which you have attended?”

Here come to their experiences:


“Delhi Pride for me was a truly magical experience, it’s one of those days when everyone collectively gets together and there is so much positivity around. I would say it’s better than Christmas or Diwali for me, truly the highlight of the year! It’s that one day of the year when we get to claim the streets as our own and it truly feels amazing to know that everyone walking alongside you is queer-friendly and accepting. My friends all joined me, some queer, some allies, and we all hugged each other and shared in goodwill and raised slogans. Pride is a protest at the end of the day, so while it is lots of fun, we must never forget the roots of Pride are etched in protest, and we must always use Pride as a platform to call for reform and change.”

– Alexander Balakrishnan


“Belonging from QUEER COMMUNITY, it never gets easy to open up about your sexual orientation to an unknown person because of the constant fear of being judged revolves around you but it gets a lot easier when you open up to someone who has been in your shoes that’s when I am talking about The Pride. 🏳️‍🌈🌈

I enjoy going to Pride a lot because I think it’s the best way to:

  • Open up yourself (e.g. for me, I Design my outfits)
  • Meet a bunch of Unicorns Spilling Rainbows all over the place.
  • You can relate to others in a lot of ways.
  • It’s harmless doesn’t involve catfishing, theft, or any other crime by the people itself because people are here to celebrate Love, Happiness, and Acceptance.”


“I have never been to a pride march so I don’t know how it is. I just know it’s very colorful and cheerful. Everyone is very welcoming”


“In my opinion, Pride gives queer people an enthusiasm to celebrate themselves. It’s about embracing and having fun and rejoicing your identity out loud, taking up space in a world where it took years for you to earn as much freedom to express”


Parth Garg

Wishing everyone all over the world a very Happy Pride Month.

Featured Photo by Tristan Billet on Unsplash


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