Music is Life, therefore, We have Heartbeats

World Music Day 2020

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

– Plato

World Music Day is celebrated on 21st June every year, a day known to be the beginning of Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. It is celebrated in over 120 countries including India.

On this day, all the musicians of the world, amateur or experienced, regardless of their genres, come out to showcase their talent and express themselves through the medium of music. Several events take place in open areas like parks, stadiums, playgrounds, gardens, streets, stations, etc. Most of these are non-ticketed with the idea of spreading positivity and cheerful energy with the help of music.

Interesting History Behind This Day

World Music Day
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World Music Day originated in France in the 1980s, with the primary name as “Fête de la Musique” meaning, “festival of music”, to honor amateur and experienced musicians. This day was initially proposed by an American musician John Cohen back in 1976 to mark Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. 

After Maurice Fleuret was appointed the director of music by the French Minister of Culture, in October 1981, Jack Lang, Cohen and Maurice proposed an event that would be a great opportunity for amateur and experienced musicians to express themselves in various ways.

This event, “Fête de la Musique” was first taken place in Paris on 21st June 1982 and received a great response from the people of France. An enormous number of performers had come out to participate in the event. Thus, this day became a national holiday in France.

Celebration of World Music Day in France

Celebration of World Music Day in France
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As World Music day is marked as a significant day in France, all the rural communities including small, medium and large cities invest in making  21st June a special moment.

The free concerts, the media relay, the support from SACEM, local authorities and the people of France, has made the “Fête de la Musique” become one of the biggest cultural events in France.

Since 1982, multiple networks have been mobilized: the large amateur federations and their relays, whether it be ‘The French Music Confederation’ for brass bands, and the practice of amateurs or ‘A Coeur Joie’ for choirs. Social and cultural facilities and local associations help to reveal new musical expressions. Currently, antennas of the Printemps de Bourges, music schools, conservatories, musical institutions, associations, museums, hospitals, municipalities, radios, televisions, concert halls, music cafes, and public or private companies help to organize their concerts.

The energy of those who visit these concerts each year brings to this exceptional day it’s share of spontaneity and joy.

Importance of Music in Our Life

When we talk about music, it feels like something which makes us complete. It is a part of our lives when we are sad, happy, excited, or going through any other emotion. It is a way of expressing ourselves and relieves stress. It can be related to any situation that we might be in at any time. In simpler words, music is, more importantly, a part of our daily life. Even if the music is instrumental, we understand and feel the emotion behind the music. Music is all around us, be it the birds chirping all day long or the tangling sound of utensils, to the sound of water running while taking a shower, etc. Music is in every corner and it completes us. 

Music is something which gives us positive energy, helping us be cheerful and happy. It defines an individual’s emotions and helps them express. It makes you relieve your stress, and helps you vaporize anxiousness. Most importantly music does not make you feel lonely. 

“It is cruel, you know, that music should be so beautiful. It has the beauty of loneliness of pain: of strength and freedom. The beauty of disappointment and never-satisfied love. The cruel beauty of nature and the everlasting beauty of monotony.”

Benjamin Britten

Relation of Work Productivity and Music

importance of music
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Music is known to increase one’s productivity. Here’s the bad news first, the sound of people chatting or the sounds of the city is in a work environment that can lower the productivity level of a person. But the good news is, even the least efforts of avoiding such disturbances can lead to a higher level of productivity.

Often when people have to meet their tight deadline schedules at work, they plug-in some soothing music which helps them block distractions and focus better at work. 

Five tips on selecting a work playlist: –

  1. Make sure you listen to lyric-less music, you don’t want to end up writing the lyrics of the songs on the ppt slides you’ve been working on for hours together. You could try classical instrumental or jazz or house music. Keep it ambient – it will help you feel soothing and classy. 
  2. Try listening to music in foreign languages. There are high chances that if you wouldn’t understand the words of the lyrics, the less distracted you’ll be and this will be efficient for you to focus on your work properly.
  3. If the above options are not working for you, then go for some old school music. A playlist you’re well familiar with will help you keep your focus on work. Since you already know the line-up of your playlist well, your brain might not distract you with catching up for the upcoming song.
  4. Do not go for more than one type of genre in music, as you want to keep your productivity level fixed. Try setting your playlist with a similar kind of tone only. If the melody of your music keeps changing, your work productivity might also keep bouncing. 
  5. Do not keep the volume of your music too low or too high, maintain some moderation between them. This moderation of volume will result in an enhanced amount of productivity and creativity.

Relation of Music and Fitness

Relation of Music and Fitness
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When we talk about music and fitness, a few things that pop up in our mind is, how can music help us to regulate our mental and physical health? Why do people need music while working out? Why is music helpful in bringing out change when we have some congestion going on in our minds? And many such similar questions.

Let’s not forget one thing that music is something that helps individuals to express themselves better. Therefore, it is advised to listen to music for feeling better. Music is the best option for diverting our minds from our confused emotions. It enhances the ability to think better and creates a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere in your everyday life.

Since Yoga and Music compliment each other and are beneficial for our mental health, they provide comfort and help to regulate our brain function in a better way. Music can also support one practice yoga in a much better way and in a much more productive way.  

Here are a few tips while setting your playlist for practicing Yoga

  1. Since Yoga is a spiritual practice, you can set up a few Sanskrit Chants and Mantras that would soothe your mind and help you feel relaxed. These chants and mantras will add benefits to your Yoga and can heal your lost soul.
  2. You can set up your playlist with traditional Indian Classical Music (Hindustani or Carnatic) that will help you keep your slow and calm pace of Yoga. 
  3. Indie folk music, a combination of acoustic guitar tunes and traditional folk music, a contemporary tadka, will help you soothe your mind and regenerate one’s energy.
  4. Instrumental music, a medley of tunes without any lyrics. It will keep your mind calm and relax, which will create the ambiance to be warm and comforting.
  5. Pop music is another form of music that will create a peaceful and vibrant atmosphere for practicing Yoga.

“Music has healing power. It can take people out of themselves for a few hours.”

– Elton John

When we workout in a gym we prefer listening to upbeat songs because they motivate our will to work hard and push us to utilize our energy. And helps us exercise in a much better way. 

Here are a few genres which you would prefer while setting up your workout playlist

  • Songs like Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” or Queen’s “We will Rock You” are very common in every gym freak’s playlist. These are rock anthems that motivate and boost you when you’re trying to maintain a steady beat while working out or running.
  • If you are someone who prefers working out even after your body is exhausted and your lungs are crying out for some rest and your motto is “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”! , you need to set yourself up with some heavy metal music that will help you exert yourself more than 110 percent.
  • If you are someone who needs some beats to keep up with your workout or running speed, then you should set your playlist to some hip-hop music. It will keep you motivated and will help you get over your most exhausting workout sets. 
  • If you’re someone who goes around for a casual jog or believes in putting your energy in doing simple exercises, dance music is the best kind of genre that will elevate your mood while running or working out.

Relation of Music and Child Development

Relation of Music and Child Development
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Music not only helps someone with their physical abilities but also helps with improving memory aids. Lullabies and Live Music can make a vital impact on premature infants. It enhances feeding behaviors and sucking patterns and may increase prolonged periods of quiet–alert states.

Music also helps children with autism spectrum disorder. Music therapy has helped children with this disorder and has shown improvement in social responses, communication skills, and attention skills.

Relation of Music and Emotions

Relation of Music and Emotions
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Music helps us enhance our ability to cope up with emotional challenges. When we are sad and depressed, we listen to slow music because it helps relax our mind and helps us find the reason behind our melancholic mood. But if we listen to loud music at this time, it will frustrate us, make us feel angry, and create a very negative kind of atmosphere for us which might make us do or say things that we should not be doing or saying.

The kind of music we hear should be directly related to the kind of mood we are in currently. If we are happy and joyful, will sad music help us? No ! Music can fix your pain too. 

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

– Bob Marley

Past Events Organized to mark World Music Day

Past Events Organized to mark World Music Day

Every year, World Music Day is celebrated on 21st June. Artists of different genres came together to perform and showcase their talents.

In 2018, in India, Udaipur hosted a two-day event where around 150 artists from 160 countries, including France, Spain, Italy, Thailand, and India had performed. Indian artists like Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy to the Catalan Fuse Band had put up a mesmerizing and soothing event that showcased the beautiful cultures of different countries.

In 2019, Vh1 and MTV Beats collaborated and hosted a 24-hour event, where 40 artists had performed. It was an online event that started at the zero hour of 21st June. The event was hosted via Facebook Live sessions. The hashtag that promoted this event was #LongLiveMusic.

Last year, Exchange4Media and collaboratively hosted an Annual Music Conference. Music Inc also hosted an event where 60 speakers were present during the event. The theme for this year was “Music on the Intersections.”

Celebration of world music day in 2020

Gearing up for World Music Day 2020
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For years now, free concerts and shows were being organized by famous musicians all around the world. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic and global lockdowns, this year World Music Day will be celebrated a little differently. This time no long-awaited concerts will be organized, but the day will be celebrated globally, online. Artists are bringing their shows online by going live on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook from their official pages or their sponsored pages to promote and spread the joy of music globally.

Upcoming Online Events

Since we are well aware of the pandemic, it is highly recommended to stay indoors and to maintain all kinds of social distancing norms. This World Music Day, events will be hosted on online platforms. 

For starters, the International Indian Film Academy- IIFA is going to host the biggest Indian party with IIFA Stomp Online. The event will start in the late evening hours around 7:30 p.m. and will end by night hours around 11:30 p.m. The event will feature artists like Sumit Sethi, Amann Nagpal, DJ Rink, DJ Shaan Gidwani, DJ Ravi Drums, Akbar Sami, and many more. The event’s motive is to spread the feeling of solidarity and unity among the people to stay at home and to stay safe.

Another event is being hosted by MTV and MTV Beats collaboratively named “Music Beyond Borders”. This event features 25 artists like Neeti Mohan, Salim-Sulaiman, Nakash Aziz, Amit Mishra, Benny Dayal, Shalmali Kholgade, Naezy the Baa, Tulsi Kumar, Darshan Raval, Dhvani Bhanushali, Arjun Kanungo, Paponband many more. International rapper L-Fresh and The Lion along with bands Parikraama and L’Haul, will celebrate their indelible spirit of music with soulful melodies. This event will start at noon hours at 12 p.m. and will end by late evening around 7 p.m. 

From the best of hip-hop to foot-tapping tunes of Bollywood music, ‘Music Beyond Borders’ will truly go beyond the socio-cultural boundaries and help unite everyone with the power of music.

Staying true to the ethos of music that surpasses the boundaries, these distinguished artists will sing in different languages. Along with that, they will also encourage their fans and viewers to donate for Viacom18’s efforts to support NGO Goonj, helping those who are most affected by the pandemic.

Hungama music is also going to host an online event on It will feature artists like Parikrama, Mame Khan, Hardeep Grewal, Anand Bhaskar Collective, among many others as they go the life and present some of their best songs drowning you in their unique music. It is an all-day event that will give you access to the video streaming after booking tickets online.

There are other events as well which will be hosted on tomorrow. Kindly click on the link mentioned to get the details. 

Event details link:-

Now, let’s get on to groove and move in the comfort of your homes and celebrate World Music Day.

online events


World Music Day is that one day in the whole year where every corner of the world enjoys music together. The soothing and comforting atmosphere worldwide brings bright smiles on everyone’s faces. Over the years, it has evolved to explore new trends of music around the world including reviving traditional music. It is a day where musicians have full freedom to explore their talent in various platforms. A day on which music is spread to every nation with the motive of spreading positive vibes everywhere.

Music is what completes us. It is what makes us fresh, pure, cheerful and happy. Music is the happiness which once found stays forever. It makes us feel happy about everything in and around us. Here’s wishing you a Happy World Music Day, enjoy this day with soothing music that will help you stay happy and stay safe in the middle of this crisis.

music concert 2020
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“To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable.”

Aaron Copland

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