Friendship – A definition for Lifeline

Friendship - a definition for Lifeline

“Life is meant for good friends and good adventures.”

Friendship is not about one special memory, it is about a million little memories. It is all about having someone who has your back in any situation. From being your 3 am call to partners-in-crime, friends give a beautiful and meaningful definition to life. A true friend is a priceless possession. Let’s talk about our friends this Friendship Day 2020.

Friends support you and take care of you whenever you need them. They are like soul mates who enter your life and create magic. There are friends, there are families and then there are friends who become a part of your family.

Can you imagine life without friends? Could you ever survive school and college without your friends? No, right! Friends become an integral part of your lifeline.

A true friend knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts you and still, gently allows you to grow. Your friends are the ones who understand you better after your parents. You can unapologetically be your true self in front of them. Their presence brings joy and light in your lives.

The BFF – My Twin Soul

friendship day 2020

We all have a friend who is like our twin soul. It is like you both have the same taste in everything. From favorite foods to drinks to crushes to similar enemies, everything is just the SAME. It’s like you both vibe at the same time.

You both crave for the same thing together, your feelings for somebody is exactly the same. You both might not look like a replica of each other but you always be there for one another without the person asking for.

Not everyone finds their soulmate in their best friend, but for those who do, it’s one of the greatest relationships they’ll ever have. When you meet your friend soulmate, you’ll feel an instant connection.

My Saviour – My Healer Friend

What kind of friends do you have

Then we have friends who are life saviours. The go-to person who is always ready with a solution to all your problems. Even if you give them a call in the middle of the night to discuss your relationship issues, they will be there to comfort you and provide a solution. They are always available for you.

Be it the times when you are extremely happy or when you are having an emotional breakdown. They will be there for you.

The Chaddi Buddies

The chaddi buddies

We also have friends who are with us since our childhood. They are the ones with whom we have shared our all firsts. The first day of school, the first day of college, the first outing, the first crush, and so much more. They are the ones who know you inside and outside. They are ones who will never judge you. They support you and want you to progress in life. 

Our Support System

what is friendship

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about friendship is support. Everyone needs someone in their lives who can see the world the way they see.

Friends are exactly the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the ones with whom you are very comfy and shameless. You can discuss anything and make fun of anyone. At the end of the day, the time spent with your mates becomes beautiful memories.

Throwback to the time when we were toddlers and used to stay at our friend’s house more than ours. Fast forward to now, we call them up after a sad break-up. Friendship has evolved from being physically present to more of a virtual presence.

We always know that there is someone we can go-to. There is someone who would not judge us, someone who will be listening to us and someone who would love us selflessly. Friendship brings security

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Hanging out at the canteen or playing pranks on fellow mates or teachers during your school days, eating lunch box during the class or getting punished together- these moments are very special. The reason is that you had your friend by your side. It takes us back to the times when we would talk about mass bunking,  plan a stay-over. Sometimes, we also think about how someone who used to be our friend, now is not.

The memories we shared with them makes it even more beautiful. We value a person who keeps on changing, but the friendship stays. Even if you are not friends with someone anymore, you would always remember how good you felt before. We would constantly be reminded of the sweet nostalgia. In the end, we realize that it was all worth it.

Friendship does not discriminate between caste, religion or social status. It is more like a few people meet, irrespective of anything and they just happen to have the best time of their life when together. Every moment spent with them is fun.

friendship day 2020

Friendship is kindness. It teaches us to be considerate of others. Remember the time when your friend broke something precious to you? Or the time when they got you a present you absolutely adore? Or maybe the time they silently stood by you when you were being scolded by the teacher? Recall the worst time of your life, probably when you needed someone by your side.

 Now try to remember who stood by you at this crucial time? Maybe your parents, your sibling or a close friend did. Your friend (anyone could be our friend until we let them be. We’ll come back to this later) was there for you, comforting you, reassuring you and being supportive. That’s what friendship is about, providing constant support.

They are our biggest confidant and our worst critic. They are the family we choose!  Friendship is delivering without expectations. It teaches us that there is a world outside of us. There are people who deserve our love.

A friend can be anyone. If we let them into our lives, we choose to be vulnerable to them. We give them a piece of our heart. A parent can be a friend, a sibling can be a friend. Your pet can be your friend, a song can be your friend. Such is the vastness of friendship. It encompasses the living and the inanimate objects. It conquers everything.

Friendship helps us grow at a spiritual level. Each soul is on a journey to find itself and to be at peace. Friends are teachers, or guides, who come into our lives, play their roles. They are guardian angels who show us our path and move on.

Don’t we all have friends who were very dear to us at one point and we somehow lost touch? They drifted away from our life when their role as a guide was over. How friendship contributes to your life is beyond words, and it’s very important.

Considering the magnanimity of the feeling, it becomes quite difficult for us to make friends. We become sceptical and there’s always a filter as to who we let into our lives. Friendship demands vulnerability. Only when you are vulnerable, shall you develop.

We sometimes rely on our friends to keep us happy, blaming them for not feeling well. That is when we put a toxic burden on friendship. It will support you, for sure, but it won’t wave off your mental health issues. By opening up to our friend, we will have more space in us for positivity. Hoping for our friend to turn our sorrow into joy is impractical and dumb.

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Friendship should not be affected by how a person behaved in the past. What should matter is how they feel in the heart, now. Friendship is choosing someone because of the kind of a person they are, at the present moment. We mustn’t judge people by their past actions.

We should be considerate and give them a second chance at justification, or to make the action correct. We must see our friends with neutrality. That way we can start a relationship from an absolutely new perspective, like painting on a clean canvas. What you paint, and what the final art is, completely depends on how you go about it and what colours you choose.

Throughout our life, we have heard or read stories of friendship between a man and a man, or a man and a woman. It is beyond the limitation of age and can exist between a child and an old man. We got a glimpse of this when we read “Kabuliwala”, by Shree Rabindranath Tagore.

 In the story, the Kabuliwala might have perceived the small girl, Mini who is like her daughter. Although for Mini, the Kabuli Wala was always her friend. Telling him stories, scolding him for small mistakes, talking to him and listening to his stories made her happy. They were not a constraint of age or maturity. They connected and their hearts got connected.

Importance of Friendship in Love

importance of friendship

Friendship is important in love, too. Our partners must be our friends first. Until and unless there’s friendship, we cannot be open with them. Hence, the connection is not robust.

Friendship is here since before us, and it will stay forever. Talking about friendship, we cannot forget about the movies and songs that are dedicated to the very meaning of friendship. Those movies and songs are so much relatable. Whenever you watch it or listen to them, they remind you of your friends.

Movies like Chchichore, a movie dedicated to the life of seven aspiring engineers who reunite to save the protagonist’s son’ life. Three idiots, a movie dedicated again to the life of engineering students who lived in the same hostel room. They play many pranks throughout their journey and suddenly reunite because of a stupid pact. Movies like “Sholay”, “Dil Chahta hai”, or “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, highlight the important role of a friend plays in our life.

Songs like “Yeh Dosti”, “Yaaron Dosti”, “Tera yaar hoon main”, “Yaar Teri Yaari”, “Masti ki Paathshala” will definitely take you back to the moments that you have spent with your friends. There are moments when we become overwhelmed by what we feel. We share a hug, teary-eyed, and then make fun of each other for the same.


Be it sharing food, wearing each other’s clothes, giving each other makeovers, getting drunk together, being a wingman, supporting each other after a heartbreak, helping them financially.  A good friendship is worth more than any materialistic luxury. It is a blessing to have such friends.

We should cherish the bond, cherish the support, the care, the love, the person, the memories, the places. When we do not have anything to get us through, it will be these which will take us forward. It is the friendship that will help us stay warm.

 “Friendship is like old wine it gets better as it ages.” A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

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