Top 10 Quotes On Minimalism


A simple life consists of both- less and more. Less of unnecessary distractions, mental clutter and pointless consumption, and more- more of what truly matters, more of what makes you happy and more of what serves a purpose.

If you are looking for quotes about the beauty of minimalism which will act as gentle reminders or inspiration, you have come to the right place. Today, I am making a list of top 10 quotes on minimalism which will help you summon your inner minimalist-

10 quotes to inspire your minimalist journey

10 quotes to inspire your minimalist journey

The majority of us have come across phrases like “less is more”, “work smarter, not harder” and “simplicity is the key” but do we really grasp the true meaning behind these concepts?

Working harder doesn’t always guarantee success as so does own a lot of materialistic possessions. Happiness doesn’t come from constantly chasing behind one thing after another but being content with what you have. Happiness doesn’t come from seeking more but from expressing gratitude for what you already own. Since we are children of consumerism, we had been brought up in the world that teaches “the more, the merrier.”

Of course, it is applicable in certain cases but when we are choosing an approach towards life we should lead it with a “less is more” mindset. This approach will let us reconsider the meaning of life, help us find a purpose, and give a chance to see things differently.

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When presented with a plethora of choices, our decision-making ability suffers deeply since we get caught up in planning excessively. Similarly, when you have fewer choices, there is less to worry about.

For instance, you have to go to a party and you get too overwhelmed from the amount of heels you own that you spend so much of your time and energy picking the ones that go along with your look. Been there, done that?

Did that search made you go mad? Did it make you late? Were you wondering throughout the party that “oh, that another pair of sandals would’ve been better?”

This is the reason why the fewer the choices, the better it is because it already filters out the unnecessary and saves you a lot of time and confusion.

10 thought-provoking quotes on minimalism

When you truly embrace the art of minimalism, it includes a shift from your current mindset to the mindset of a minimalist. Once you start decluttering, you start spending your time and money on experiences rather than things.

Eliminating all the unnecessary stuff make take a week or even a month but once you are done with it, you will found yourself surrounded by a positive aura. 

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One of the biggest reasons why minimalism works so well in favor of some people is that it makes you realize that acquiring more adds more to your problems. You realize there is much more to life than just acquiring things that eventually lose their glamour and are just another piece of waste in your lives.

When you realize that owning more doesn’t resonate with more happiness, you stop giving in to the whole idea of consumerism.

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Advertisements have made us believe that to live a successful life, we need to be well-equipped with all the latest things. Be it the new TV, the largest bed, the most expensive décor or anything else which forms a part of their marketing campaign.

However, with a minimalist mind you narrow down your necessities to fewer choices and when you do it, you are no longer fascinated by luxurious items. You will come to a realization that there is no guarantee that owning more adds to our joys and happiness.

Top 10 Quotes On Minimalism

We are always on a hunt but nothing ever quite does it for us, we get so much trapped in it that it makes our lives miserable. For instance, you have this new iPhone you are obsessed with and then the new version comes out and you don’t care about your old iPhone anymore. In fact, it becomes a source of dissatisfaction and a reminder of things you do not have.

Similarly, when you buy anything it comes along with the baggage called- maintenance. We pile our closets, homes and spaces with pointless stuff and in the due time, keep on piling it to the point that it just becomes a burden.

However, when you discard things on a regular basis and indulge in buying fewer possessions, your stress levels will also reduce. When you have less, you worry less too since it means less work and maintenance.

10 quotes to channel your inner minimalist

Minimalism as a lifestyle is all about the art of letting go of all the unnecessary thing and things which serve no purpose. It is about the practice of living on only the most important things.

It is all about preferring experiences rather than things. It is all about spending your money on adventures and activities which bring you joy rather than mindlessly acquiring things you do not need. It is about letting go of- impulse purchases, poor shopping habits, and things which are just a mere clutter. It is about adopting a newer and a better approach that adds value to your life.

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Many people have misunderstood the concept of minimalism greatly and confused it with deprivation. When they think about a minimalist lifestyle, they assume a person in a long white robe living off one piece of furniture and doing the bare essential in life.

However, this is an entirely false notion. At its core, minimalism is all about being intentional with the way you live. It is all about having a clear understanding of what you need and what you want. It is all about making informed, intentional and conscious choices that align with your larger purpose.

Minimalism is not about letting go of everything you own, or stark white rooms that look uninviting, or following a certain set of standards. The concept of minimalism would be different for different people and that’s what makes it more interesting. It is just important to remember that it all boils down to only going forward with things that enhance and benefit your life rather than getting rid of everything to create a standardized look.

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With a minimalist lifestyle, you find yourself complaining less over the passage of time. When you have little to complain about, your perspective automatically changes towards abundance and gratitude. You begin to accept things the way they are and this can bring a very positive change in your life.

Not only do you stop complaining, you start looking for solutions to fix your problem. Adopting a minimalist approach can help you realize the importance of valuing things that are right in front of you then complaining about things that are outside your control.

It helps you be content and satisfied with your current situation and then work out a plan for a better life. When you stop comparing yourselves with others only then you start working towards things that need a little fixing.

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If I have to put it simply I’d say: Simplicity makes things easier. Simplicity is the key to a happier and more fulfilled life. Simplicity, however, doesn’t mean that we deprive ourselves of all the luxuries, push ourselves into grinding poverty or pack our bags and retreat to the Himalayas.

Simplicity, on the other hand, doesn’t depreciate the value of anything but make it more accessible. It is one of the greatest accelerators of change. It is reflected in how we process things, how we respond to them, and how we make our choices. It doesn’t mean going bland but rather identifying the essential and eliminating the rest. It is an art that teaches you to be humble and reveals the pure beauty of life.


I hope these quotes serve as a reminder in times you feel stressed and burdened about things going on in your life and will push you in the right direction.

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