What it means to be a Dog Mom – Story of a Dog Mom

What it means to be a dog mom

Dogs are a part of our lives, and we share an extra special bond with them, and they hold a precise place in our hearts. They often know when we are feeling low and sad.

From distancing us when they see us sitting on the sofa in deep thought, to cry silently, to howling to a treat, to make a puppy face while you are eating, bringing their rope toys and balls to play, sleeping with their favorite toy, or simply get their leashes and remind us that it’s time for their walk. They have many ways to catch our attention.

 I am professionally a food technologist, and I have always been passionate about animals, my love for them is beyond eternity.

I own three female doggos, and all of them are rescued, Chiggy(dachshund 7+), Whisky (Indie 2+) and Alice (Lhasa 3+)

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Just to aware people that female dog is as good as a male dog, just because she chums people opt for a male one. I hope one-day people will change their mindset and go for female dogs as well.

Dogs have always been a human’s faithful companion, but these days the term seems hopelessly musty. Nowadays, people probably less think of dogs as their companions and not a guard to their houses, and more likely to see them as their own children – or to use a term that’s in trend right now, fur babies or four-legged kids.

Some might say this is the case of self-indulgence on the part of modern dog owners. And honestly, when you consider people, you actually don’t care. You still choose to throw a lavish birthday paw-ty for your dogs complete with bark-day cake and pawsome decorations. It’s hard to contradict.

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But there is plenty of evidence that dogs actually adopt the role of surrogate child, or you can say a substitute of a kid and they even treat humans as their own parents.

When did you realize that your dog has become your child?

In this modern society, where people have a lot of stress, they found a paw- friend whom they call stress buster, and yes, some people treat pets like kids.

The difference is that these people were judged on their behavior. In our society, it’s still not accepted, and sometimes you end up hearing, “oh, c’mon it’s just a dog” Not at all, for people like me, yes, he is my baby.

Transformation is that people who stay alone or are single are now getting dogs. Earlier, dogs were family companions whose primary purpose was guarding the house and keep the kids entertained.

Now, they are much more likely to live in a house where there are no kids and, in fact, where they have become the kids.

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Ultimately, people’s frame of mind about animal treatment, in general, have developed over time. Numerous people who grew up with outdoor dogs would never dream of making their dog sleep outside now. They let them sleep with them in their beds. As they have come out of a dog house, dogs have gotten a lot closer to humans – both physically and emotionally. 

How do dogs feel about all this?

I think they feel the same about it, they also feel like little babies, they understand who their mom is who their dad. They know how to calm down a fight or an argument between both the parents. They always become empires when these things happen. They feel like a chief member of the family. They understand all your mood swings, just like humans. It’s about understanding each other. But even if they don’t understand the social strategy, there is a thought to believe and understand that dogs really play the role of fur babies. 

What it means to be a Dog Mom

Being a dog mom means drafting your day to day life around your four-legged companion’s schedule. That means returning home at a fixed time, making sure your dog is well-fed and taking him on daily romps.

But as you realize, all of these dog mom chores are more of a privilege than a burden because being a dog parent to the best doggy in the world is priceless.

Being a dog mom is priceless, and everyone is not that fortunate!

What else every dog mom has familiar besides being Su-Paw-woman?

While having your morning coffee or tea( in your dog mom mug, of course), making breakfast, getting ready to work and snuggling up with your fur kids, cleaning their shit and sometimes vomit, taking them to vets, giving them a bath, feeding them timely, hugging and worrying about the whole day.

Check out these 10 signs that are sure to indicate your dog mom-ness

Your dog always turns your day happy and pull out all tiredness

 No matter what challenges the day brought, the moment you come back home after your work, your dog instantly makes everything better. Seeing his happy face and wagging tail after a long day pull out all the tiredness of the day

You share your feelings with your dog, as if he were human and understand everything

Definitely, your pupper doesn’t speak like a human, but they do listen! Dogs are perfect and will never judge you. I have a strong feeling that the most common thing you tell your Pup is how much you miss him when you are not at home and say to him that you love him the most. And even if they understand you, they wag and can definitely sense all that dog mom love.

Your phone has more pictures of your dog than yourself

When your phone doesn’t have space to install apps because your phone memory is full of your dog’s pictures.

You always wonder whether you rescued the dog or the dog rescued you

Your fur baby is much more than you could’ve ever visualized. He’d be when you took him home. You always seize yourself thinking about how lucky you are to have each other.

Leaving your dog every day while going to work or when traveling, outstations never gets easier

That puppy dog eyes! When your Pup would do anything for you to stay with him 24/7, but that’s just not possible. And even if you have to leave home to work, shopping, and other human stuff. But you can’t wait to get back to your Pup to reunite.

You have your Pup’s doc on speed dial

You and your Pup’s vet are basically best friends forever, and if not, then friends for sure, so that he can answer you call or reply to you back at any hour. And when you are a new dog mom, you keep texting all things to your vet about him. 

You search a place where they allow pets. Or a Pet-friendly place

You search a place where they allow pets

You’ll always look for places which are pet friendly, and you will spend hours looking for places nearby or outside the town. You try and take your dog to almost all the places you go, and possibly you pick places just for that very reason.

You don’t mind dog hair everywhere

Dog hair, I don’t care! But you always worried about the shedding (whether it’s healthy or due to some deficiency). You loved being the one to keep your dog beautiful and groomed. After all, no outfit is complete without a little dog’s hair.

You’ve unfriended people who tell you to tie your dog when they come to your place

Yes, you should always be friends with dog lovers and shouldn’t tie your dog for others. It’s your dog’s house too, and he should be free to roam anywhere.

Taking care of their meals

Taking care of their meals

When you spend half of your mobile data to check for new dog food recipes. It is essential to take care of your dog’s nutrition intake.

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gunjan nautiyal

By profession I am a food technologist and in person I am a biggest Animal lover or I must say I am passionate about animals specially DOGS. I am an animal activist too working for an organization known as PAWA India

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