WFH! Is the Mood – The New Normal of 2020 is “Work From Home”

WFH! Is the Mood

In this era of abbreviations, no wonder you’re thinking about what exactly is WFH? Well, many of us know what it means, it means ‘Work from Home’. It states that we have the liberty of staying home and work in our flexible hours with no fuss of dressing up and with no rush of reaching the office on time. 

From the whole strict and work loaded nine to five schedules, we have come to lazy and lousy working from home schedules. This lockdown has undoubtedly got us evolved from just being a single-minded workaholic to a multitasking productive employee and for some people creative artists in their study.

Typical Office Vibes

Typical Office Vibes
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When we think of getting rid of this lockdown, and of going back to the area of socializing, networking and being workaholics again, the only thought that comes to our mind is getting dressed like an office person because that’s how you get the vibe of being an employee, right?

  • Who doesn’t enjoy looking smarty-pants in their work outfit?
  • Who doesn’t feel confident and decent enough to look presentable?

But at the same time, we also worry about so many things like –

  • What should I wear today?
  • Why can’t I just pull a pair of tracks and a t-shirt to the office?

These questions are very typical in our daily office life.

Work from Home Appearance Mood

Work from Home Appearance Mood
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When we talk about our transitioned life of work from home, it makes us feel lazy because we are in our comfort zones, nothing to worry about rather just eat, sleep, binge watch, and work at our flexible hours.

No one has to worry about what to wear for the daily video conference meetings with colleagues and with clients. Women don’t have to worry about their repetition of clothes or their daily shoe-bite injuries because of the long-pointed heels or pumps they have to wear to look like a proper working lady.

No one has to worry about their appearances any more because we are at home in our sweet comfort zones.

Typical Work from Home Vibes

Typical Work from Home Vibes
Photo by Djurdjica Boskovic on Unsplash

People prefer staying in their studies for working with a few side tabs opened with background accompanying with some soothing music along with their most preferred hot beverages like tea and coffee to set their mood for working from home. They, in fact, go for multitasking, trying to balance their work equation between the household chores and the office assignments.

Work from Home Attire

People prefer staying in all casual attire like tracks or pajamas and loose t-shirts rather than dressing up in all formal attire like a shirt and a pair of trousers and shoes. They also sometimes prefer cuddling themselves on the couch while working from home to get their works done comfortably and in a more saturated proportion with no pressure being put upon them.

Very Concept of Work from Home

Very Concept of Work from Home
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As we talk about this whole ‘Work from home’ concept, all people understand is that they are going to stay home, completing their assigned tasks, maintaining social distancing and giving themselves the time to be self- independent and to put in their rest of the time into everything they would require to have a healthy and astounding life.

The office life in a vague method had made people live an unhealthy lifestyle due to direct contact with pollution and the intake of unhygienic street food regularly. Most people preferred to order meals over cooking for themselves. We can say, people were living a disciplined life because of their fixed office schedules at the same time, they weren’t giving themselves too much time to keep themselves healthy and fit.

Understanding the difference between WFH Lifestyle and Office Lifestyle

Understanding the difference between WFH Lifestyle and Office Lifestyle
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Now people have started to cut some slack in other factors of working from home. Now they have understood the real difference between an office life which seemed to last for a limited time and the work from home life which gives a never-ending time to get rid of the work assigned to them. Because now everyone has started to procrastinate their work by indulging themselves in exploring different hobbies like cooking, painting, photography, and whatnot.

Most people are spending their time binge-watching or some are letting themselves loose in the world of social media. It’s not wrong to explore new things but at the same time, but don’t you think that procrastinating your work lets you feel burdened more by a huge amount of workload at the end of the day. Just think about it once!

Accepting and Preparing Ourselves to Adopt this New Lifestyle

Accepting and Preparing Ourselves to Adopt this New Lifestyle
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Why can’t we mentally prepare ourselves to become consistent towards being a hard work employee again and start building a different kind of lifestyle because all we have learned in the past two and half month experience of quarantine is that the new normal is wearing a mask when we go out for essentials, sanitizing ourselves and our surroundings to prevent any kind of infections and last but not the least we got to learn social distancing because that is how we are going to survive this outbreak of the pandemic.

We need to start stepping out of our lazy schedules and start working on ourselves to become active again. And to start with we need to leave our beds, couches and our lazy comfy clothes but rather step into our studies with proper attire which would be comfortable enough for us to work and still look presentable and fresh enough to be hardcore worker again.

“The New Normal Starts at your own Home Offices.”

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  1. Very Well Written. But yes, this will provide flexibility and the Work-Life Balance everyone was looking for. This will impact very well in traffic conditions resulting lower pollution and saving everyone’s time!

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